Pam Bartlett-Munt


Pam is a passionate photographer with a penchant for travel and despite distinctly lacking the wherewithal to do so, manages to get away on a semi regular basis, generally convincing her much-loved family to tag along.

Nearly 30 years in Emerald has embedded a deep-seated love of her adopted home town. She likes to believe she’s a valued member of the local photographic club, where she encourages each person to be their own creative best.

Working as a farmhand on a cotton farm driving machinery, starting syphons, and applying ag product gave her a solid grounding in common sense and an outlook that anything can be done given the right attitude, believing “that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you’re attempting can’t be done” (Terry Pratchett).

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873kms from Brisbane
9 hours 33 minutes by car