Outcast is a project based performing arts company for local Brisbane artists across multiple disciplines. The company aims to create innovative vocal works that are not limited by traditional forms or instrumentation.

One of our key goals is to explore new ways of creating performance art through fusion and experimentation. We encourage high levels of collaboration and participation in the creative development of each piece. As a result, each work is influenced by a range of diverse backgrounds that span multiple disciplines.

At Outcast, we are very interested in creating works that are highly immersive and thought provoking for audiences. We don’t want you to just sit and watch, we want you in the world and taking the journey with us. 

Not only do we believe in showcasing new talent, we also believe in cultivating new audiences. By combining dance, circus, physical theatre, voice, animation and new technologies, Outcast works are designed to be both challenging for our artists and friendly to modern Australian audiences. 

A shameless blend of raw, ancient and contemporary – thoroughly enjoyed, more please!
— Mosaic 2012

Our Key Creatives