Ereshkigal is an ancient Sumerian goddess of the dead. As the legend goes. her twin sister, goddess of heaven, Inanna, leaves her imperial dwelling to visit her sister. Through the dispossession of all her outward glorifications at the very end it is revealed, both sisters are one and the same.

This four-part vocal piece is a study of this myth and the phenomena of multiplicity. Told in the passionate utterances of four remarkable vocalists, directed, composed and choreographed by Hannaka, aka The Feather Collector.

Ereshkigal unfolds via a deeply process-driven look at ourselves, the light and shadow we each bear within us and the vulnerability of performance that discloses the innermost truth of the performers, giving audiences greater access to the untold depths that lurk within them.



Direction, Choreography and Composition: Hannaka

Performers:  Lou Miller, Jordin Steele, Alice Night, Hannaka



So many beautiful sonorities, from melodies embracing and finding tension, producing light-filled sounds. The deep parts of me found it all very familiar while my mind was in new territory
From the first vocal, the energy was palpable- so strong. Such beautiful images, glances. Such intense sadness, violence.
It was like a shamanic breath-work session. Feminine power, Feminine intensity.
The voices carried me so far. The drumming hands awakened something.
Thank you for being the conduit in this case.