Doppelgänger [dɒp(ə)lˌɡaŋə,-ˌɡɛŋə] noun

An apparition or double of a living person.

We exist in a world of places, no places and through places. In our places, we are defined by social interaction, where our carefully constructed identities are judged and reformed and built and judged again. The no places, the through places, our between time where we are paused, in a queue… waiting for a train… These places are where we rest, reflect, recover and connect with our own identity. In the no place, in the through place you are you, you can simply, be.

What happens when we lose them?

Our technology is destroying our no places. Our technology is disconnecting us from ourselves, creating the apparition, the digital doppelgänger that is never at rest, never free from judgement, always connected and disconnected.

Who is more real?

This interactive, site specific work places our performers inside those no places and through places to explore the concept of identity in the digital age. 

Concept and Direction: Jordin Steele

Featuring: Hannaka (The Feather Collector) on loop station and eight emerging classical vocalists from the University of Queensland.


So very effective - makes me think twice when I go to reach for my phone now. Also overheard audience members discussing their views on technology and social media - definitely struck a chord with us all.