Anne-Maree Lloyd


Anne-Maree lives in Western Queensland on a family owned cattle station with her husband Jeff.  They have four adult children all following their own paths.  

She has always had a passion for photography and taking photographs of the beautiful country and the people who live there.

Jedburgh station is on the road between Yaraka and Jundah. The homestead is not on the grid and they draw all their power from massive generators. Stunning horses roam around the yard and greeted our car when we arrived in the January heat.

Anne-Maree and Jeff were spending their days watering and feeding their herd by cutting mulga trees on their vast property. Cutting mulga is backbreaking work made ever harder by continuous relentless heat. It is impossible to describe how hard they work to keep their pretty cows alive and how much they care for them. 

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Images by Anne-Maree Lloyd


Jedburgh Station, Yaraka

1249kms from Brisbane
17 hours 10 minutes by car