The Void and the Light

The Void and the Light
One black and one white
Take wager this night
And the prize...
A new life


The Void (extinction) and the Light (existence), two players in an endless game have come together again to bet on the fate of a new species. Forbidden from interfering directly, they use the natural elements that, oblivious to this game, are in their own eternal struggle for dominance.

The alluring but deadly Still Water and the callous, destructive Cutting Wind are champions of the Void, while the Light uses the nurturing touch of Flowing Water and calming force of Gentle Wind to help guide this new species as it grows and evolves. The ancient and weary Earth, still scarred from the last game remains the only neutral element but unlike the others is vulnerable and easily manipulated. 

As the new life develops it finds itself at the mercy of the elements for better or for worse. Light, worried that she may lose the bet, offers up the secrets of the Earth. The result however leads the creatures on a destructive path and it draws them, ever closer to the Void. Will life be able to work together to avoid this fate?

The Void and the Light was presented to audiences at the 2014 Brisbane Fringe Festival in three sell out shows. Created collaboratively by some of Brisbane's finest artists, this is a hybrid work that combines voice with contemporary dance and theatre in a modern electronic soundscape by composer David Lazar. Challenging traditional performance space the Void and the Light creates a dynamic and immersive experience for audiences.